On Perspective and Feeling Stuck

I came across this video this morning about the Overview Effect and was struck by how greatly our beliefs, values, and opinions are affected by our perspective.  The way we see things matters.  It affects who we are and who we become, the way we interact with others, the choices we make.

One of the valuable things about spiritual direction is the way the director can function as a mirror, reflecting back to the directee, offering a new perspective.

Sometimes we can get so focused on that one goal we have to achieve, that one problem we have to fix, that one person we have to deal with.  We get sucked in.  We get stuck.  And sometimes, the way we get unstuck is as simple as turning the camera around for a moment and focusing on something else, recognizing the value and beauty of where we have been, reflecting on the whole, taking it all in.

Sometimes we just need a little shift in perspective.

What are you feeling stuck about these days?

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