Daily Lectio Divina: Mark 14:22-25

Episode 48

In this episode of the guided lectio divina podcast, we’re using Mark 14:22-25, a Holy Week reading from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. Use the audio player below, or right click here to download the file.

One thought on “Daily Lectio Divina: Mark 14:22-25

  • April 9, 2015 at 6:50 am

    These verses are mainly focuses about faith, prayer, and forgiveness. Faith is our response to God’s faithfulness: a complete trust and reliance on him, including the confident expectation that He will hear and respond to our prayers. Without it prayers are empty words.
    Verse 23 refers to the power of prayer. Jesus assured His disciples that “all things are possible for God” (10:27). It expresses the limitless power of prayer rooted in unconditional faith.
    The basis for our confidence in God in prayer is that He is our loving Father, who cares for all our needs and listens to us as to His own beloved children, but unforgiveness is an obstacle that blocks us both from receiving God’s forgiveness and from drawing near to him in prayer. It is obvious that Faith alone will not suffice for the remission of sins; we must moreover pardon every neighbor, and from our heart.

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