Beginning to Become through Contemplative Practices

Today, I’m honored to be hosted as a guest blogger on my new friend Barry Pearman’s excellent website, Turning the Page.  Here’s a little taste to whet your appetite!

The first time I tried centering prayer, I cried.  I mean cried.  

Sobbed, really.

I was finishing up my seminary degree, burned out and disillusioned, consumed with self-doubt and the uncertainty over that nebulous next step in my life.  My spiritual director sat quietly with me in her office that early autumn afternoon, wordlessly handing me a second box of tissues.  

After a while, when I had collected the broken pieces of myself into a little pile on the couch and sat there sniffling and twisting a crumpled tissue in my hands, she very gently said, “I’m sensing that you’re experiencing some emotion right now.”

I laughed and wiped away fresh tears.  Understatement of the year.

Check out Turning the Page to read the rest!

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